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What is the Greatest Evil?

March 27, 2014 by  
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Q.  Father Fortea, what is the greatest evil? A.  According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the greatest evil is sin (CCC 1488). Since God is love and sin leads to the rejection of His love, sin inevitably leads to hatred – of God, of humanity, of those around us, and of ourselves. Those who allow themselves to walk the path of hatred can reach the point where they hate all four objects with their entire strength.... Read More

Venial Sin

Divine Intimacy_K2

✞ Presence of God – O Lord, inflame me with Your holy zeal, so that I will no longer be able to tolerate in myself the slightest thing which is displeasing to You. MEDITATION Venial sin, like mortal sin, goes counter to God’s will, although with less serious deviation. While it does not destroy charity, it is opposed to it and therefore diminishes its fervor and vigor, hindering its development. This is the disastrous effect... Read More

The rule of three in the battle against sin


Q: Dear Dan, I am struggling with a recurring problem with anger that I can’t seem to overcome. I have read books, tried to understand how it surfaces in me, prayed fervently (I am living in a state of grace outside of this problem). But I seem to be making no progress. I am very very very very very very very very frustrated. A: After years of observing intelligent, capable, and committed people work to solve recurring challenges... Read More

Envy: The No Win Sin (Part II of II)


In our previous post on envy, we looked at what envy is and how it manifests in our lives.  Today, we will examine the difference between envy and jealousy and talk about getting some prayer and perspective on this issue. Jealousy and Envy There is a difference between jealousy and envy. They are often used in the same way, but are two different things.  Jealousy is the feeling that someone has something that rightfully belongs... Read More

Envy: The No Win Sin (Part I of II)


Let’s play the “What if…” game. What if you just lost your job while your co-worker received a promotion and a big raise?  Would you be happy for him? What if a parent that was often critical of your children, found out that her child was just caught for cheating?  Would you feel the slightest bit of satisfaction? What if your child dropped out of school while a friend’s child was just awarded a 4-year scholarship... Read More

How Does the Need to Control Hamper Our Spiritual Lives?

November 27, 2013 by  
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The writings and mystical experiences of Blessed Dina Belanger (1897-1929), a Religious of Jesus and Mary, from Quebec, help us realize the tremendous importance of confronting subtle patterns of hidden sin in our lives. One very prevalent, hidden imperfection is the need to control, ourselves and our destiny.  By abandoning ourselves to God, however, he can act through us to bestow the treasures of his heart to others.  Think... Read More

The Lost Sense of Sin-Filling in Catechetical Gaps with the Wisdom of the Saints (II/II)

November 12, 2013 by  
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In Part I, we looked at how gaps in catechetical instruction have led to deficiencies in the way we understand our faith, how we can learn from the Doctors of the Church, specifically what St. Teresa of Avila teaches regarding carelessness about sin.  In Part II, we will see what St. Teresa of Avila says about the failure to avoid the near occasions of sin, and the danger of self-reliance.   Not Avoiding the Near Occasions... Read More

The Lost Sense of Sin – Filling in Catechetical Gaps with the Wisdom of the Saints (I/II)

November 11, 2013 by  
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The Faith Understood Anyone familiar with Catholics United for the Faith (CU F) knows the valuable work it has done in analyzing catechetical texts. For many years, CU F was a voice “crying out in the wilderness.” Its work of prophetic witness and careful analysis was vindicated when the U.S. bishops’ committee set up to evaluate catechetical texts found that the vast majority of texts in use over the last few decades were... Read More

Concupiscence – Navigating the Interior Life Spiritual Dictionary

November 2, 2013 by  
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CONCUPISCENCE: Insubordination of man’s desires to the dictates of reason, and the propensity of human nature to sin as a result of original sin. More commonly, it refers to the spontaneous movement of the sensitive appetites toward whatever the imagination portrays as pleasant and away from whatever it portrays as painful. However, concupiscence also includes the unruly desires of the will, such as pride, ambition, and envy. This... Read More

What does God really Want from Us? (Part II of II)

October 14, 2013 by  
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…A reader asks:  Q: Dear Father John, why does God chastise us for pride and vanity but demands our absolute adoration? I know that men wrote the Bible. These are vices of the ego. I have studied Carl Jung. Is it possible that our interpretation of God was based on our projection of “power” and our human ego structure? What we thought godlike demands would be? I thought God was ego-less…Why does he want us on our knees? In... Read More

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