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Why did Jesus die?

May 31, 2013 by  
Filed under Fr. McCloskey, Redemption

Crucifixion Triptyque_de_Oberto_Villa Wikimedia Commons copy

Q: We are taught to believe as Catholic Christians Jesus died for our sins,” yet that is not the reason he was killed.  He was killed by the Jews because he was a threat and a heretic, and by the Romans who saw him as threat to their own authority. Why are we taught as we are? A: Good question—which I will now try to answer to your satisfaction. But first let me back up a bit and run through some... Read More

Why does God only forgive when we repent?

September 12, 2012 by  
Filed under Forgiveness, Fr. McCloskey

Haarlem_Bavokerk_-_boven_hondeslagers_altar Repent Wikimedia copy

Q: Dear Father McCloskey, why does God only forgive after we repent and turn back to Him, while we are asked to forgive regardless of whether or not the “offending” person asks for our forgiveness and repents? A: Dear Sister in Christ, you are not alone in your perplexity: I have wrestled with this question myself. The answer simply is that we owe God everything, including our life and redemption... Read More